If there was a word for a film maniac I would freely use it to describe myself. But in the ocean of movies I’ve watched, there were some picks that left a permanent mark on my personality. Here are some I could remember:

1.Swiss Army Man (2016)

This is one of the most recent additions to my collection. I have to be honest, the main reason I decided to watch that film was Daniel Radcliffe’s name on the cover. At first, it seemed to be the weirdest movie I’ve ever seen. And, actually, it is. Never in my life did I imagine that a dead man’s farts could be used as a fuel to cross an ocean. But despite the surrealism, the main idea is focused on quite simple, yet essential aspects of life, such as love, friendship, self-esteem, etc. This film is just too real to be called a fantasy, yet too magical to be true!

2. Johnny Got His Gun (1971)

Now, I consider myself an expert on films . Mainly, because I’ve seen thousands of them. But this one is the only movie that gave me insomnia for a WEEK! This is one of those films that have a real power to make a difference in our minds about such a sensitive subject as war.

I truly believe that every human being on this planet should see it. I won’t describe the plot, because it is not relevant for you now. Just watch it! Find some free 111 minutes and no matter what you’ll think of it, go to the end. I promise you, you won’t be the same person ever again.

3. WALL – E (2008)

Ah, what can I say about WALL-E? Like the previous film, I also consider this a must-see for every citizen of the Earth.  (With the little difference that this one won’t leave you depressed as a result). This animated masterpiece gives us an alternative look on our everyday lives. And it is just mind-blowing.

4. Jacky In Women’s Kingdom (2014)

Another surrealistic film on this list. This one touches upon a very sensitive issue such as gender inequality. We’re given a unique opportunity to see the world where men look after the house, don’t work and raise children. It is also the world where crazy military women rule everything, enslave their citizens and spread propaganda. Today, feminism movements became global and this film helps us see what they’re actually fighting for. Trust me, it worth it.

5. The Best Offer (2013)

“Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing”

– Oscar Wilde

I think this is the best quote to describe the moral of this film. It rotates around an old genius art-expert, who falls in love for the first time. Again, I don’t want to go too much into detail, because that would spoil a lot of things. If you’ll find some free time – go and watch it. Even if the idea won’t be satisfying to you, you can still enjoy the brilliant acting and visual side of the film.

6. Frank (2014)

I stumbled across this film when I was watching TV. Now I can realize how lucky I was when I decided to stay on that channel. To this day, this motion picture is my #1 antidepressant. It tells us a story of an aspiring (but not extremely talented) musician Jon, who joins a peculiar band. The band is led by Frank – mysterious man who wears a huge mask on his head and never takes it off. The music they produce is a bit odd, but very beautiful in its own way. Jon convinces Frank that all of them should go to a festival and show themselves to the world. You’ll need to watch the film to see what happened next.

‘Frank’ teaches us many things. But for me, the most important lesson was that we must grab every opportunity in life by the balls and even if it won’t end the way we wanted, we can still learn something valuable. I really recommend it.

Besides the good plot, I want to accentuate your attention on the brilliant acting of the cast. Everyone was spectacular, but the two Irish guys, who play the lead roles, showed their talent in the utmost way.

7. Nymphomaniac (2013)

This is the most controversial film on my list. In fact, this is probably one of the most controversial films of our century. I am a big fan of Lars Von Trier’s art. His films are not easy to watch, but in the end I always feel some kind of inner satisfaction. Nymphomaniac consists of two parts and tells us a story of a self-diagnosed sex addict. At first, the duration might seem too long, but it’s really needed to fully understand the tale.

This film is extremely deep, intellectual and fascinating. There are quite a lot of big names in it. As for the sex scenes, they stopped to seem disturbing after a while. Partly, because every intimate scene was preceded by a very philosophical one, so you had something to think about during those uncomfortable shots. After a while they start to feel completely natural.

Anyone who saw ‘Nymphomaniac’ is either in love with it or totally hates it, which in itself is a good enough reason to see it.

Well, this list has formed in my head quite randomly and obviously it is incomplete. I’ll be adding other posts with good films in the future. But for now I think this is enough.

If you know other mind-blowing films, please comment below. I’d like to watch some new stuff. And don’t forget to share this post with others 😉

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