Today was my day off. Finally! During my working week I planned a bunch of things to do when I get some free time. Writing things for the blog, reading “Nausea” by Jean-Paul Sartre, visiting my hairdresser, studying German, learning about video editing and a few more little things. How many of them I did accomplish? None.

My morning began when I picked up my phone. Instead of doing anything worthy, I was glued to the screen of my smartphone. Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, you name it. I need the Internet for my work, but every time I pick my phone something distracts me. Instead of doing valuable things I now know how child stars from the 90s look like today or how to hold breath for longer. After some period of time, magic happened – my smartphone ran out of juice. Since my laptop was too far away (in the next room), I put on the TV. Another great instrument to shut down your mind.

At this point my stomach decided to remind of itself and I realized that I haven’t eaten anything. I went to the kitchen, put on the kettle and noticed my iPad lying on the window. I turned it on… Some time later, when there was hardly any water left in the kettle,I put it down. Quite quickly I made myself something that looked like a breakfast and went back to the living room. I arrived right on time, because they were showing ‘2 Broke Girls’.
– “Fantastic! I’ll have something nice to watch while I’m eating”.
After I finished my meal, it occurred to me that my belly is getting fatter and I decided to exercise a little, while watching the show. Four squats and two push-ups got me out of breath and I had to lay on the floor for twenty minutes.

Since physical activity was unsuccessful (as always) I had to do something else. I finally reached for my laptop in order to do research for an article I plan to write, but somehow ended up googling “the cleanest part of human body”. At this point I got angry with my lack of productivity. Just at the moment when I was ready to study,  my friend called me and we gossiped talked for 33 minutes. When she hang up I stumbled upon a very touching documentary about Syrian refugees on TV. How can I miss that?! To trick my mind, I started knitting so that it wouldn’t blame me for my idleness.

After I finished watching the film, I thought that it wasn’t too late to go to my hairdresser. I looked out of the window – the weather seemed quite nasty.  – “Ok, I’ll go there tomorrow”.
I made myself some tea and spent hours on doing nothing. At the end of the day I realized that this day is completely wasted. Some 24 hours that I’ll never get back were wasted on things that have no value for me at all. It is not that I wasn’t doing anything. The issue is that I was busy doing nothing. Did you notice how fast time goes by? Me too. Then why do we act like we’ve got infinite amounts of it?
I am aware that I’m an extremely lazy person. It is a weakness, I agree, but I always believed laziness is the force behind progress. Think about it: a lazy person will do anything to in order to avoid work. That’s why washing machines, cars, telephones or electronic bubble wraps were invented. It is wrong to suppress your laziness, because it can be a fruitful source of good ideas. The important bit is to not let it interfere with your productivity. Trust me, I am aware that it is easier said than done, but there are some tricks you can find to make it a reality.
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My biggest issue is that I convinced myself that I work too much. That makes me think that my mind is on the edge. Yeah, I work for twelve hours a day, study in university, attempt to write some things, but that’s really far from my limits. An average slave in 19th century worked from sunrise to sunset on an open field without proper nutrition – and THAT’S tough. So, instead of pitying ourselves we need to push our boundaries even further. Because whenever I actually start doing something, the tiredness vanishes and new horizons open. In the end, Mark Twain was always right:

“The secret to getting ahead is getting started”.

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