I hate my job,

I hate the sound of ticking clock,

I hate my teeth, 

I really hate it when people sneeze.
I hate the sound of children cry,

I hate the looks from passerby,

I hate the moisture in the air, 

I hate the lies from gentlemen.
I hate the voice of angry mom, 

I hate the tunes of catchy songs, 

I hate the myths I have to trust,

I hate my constant urge for lust.
I hate the smile I always fake, 

I hate the thoughts that make me shake,

I hate the idols I should copy,

I hate to see a flawless body.
I hate the calmness of the killers,

I hate to see the truth in mirrors, 

I hate to see a hungry dog,

I hate to search for missing socks.
I hate to cut with a blunt knife,

I hate to seek for the purpose of life,

I hate the rooms with squeaking floors,

I hate to see a mother that mourns.
I know I hate a lot of things,

But before your judgment goes too far,

Remember that despite this list 

I LOVE to wake up with the sun!


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