Remember your time at school. How many times did you sit in your foreign language class and thought: –  “Why do I have to do this this? Will I ever need this language in my life? This thing takes too much space in my brain!”
 If you’re still holding to those opinions then, my friend, you’re wrong. Knowing a language apart from your mother tongue is possibly the best gift you can give to yourself. And there are many proofs to this statement:
  1.  You become smarter.
No kidding, it’s true!  In the past, it was trendy among the elite to teach their kids a couple of foreign languages from the very early age. But for some reason the “smart” guys began to question the practice. People used to think that teaching children other languages was a comple the waste of time, because the load of information would slow down the mental development process and just confuse the kid. Now, of course, we know that this is a load of BS. Knowing only two languages (bilingualism) develops your cognitive abilities by miles, increases your memory and can even prevent you from acquiring dementia in the future. If there is the slightest chance that multilinguals  can reduce the risk of them forgetting their own children, then that’s alone a good enough reason to become one.
       2. Work opportunities.
Multilingualism is a quality that makes you desirable at any workplace.  No matter what area you work in, the bosses will always appreciate that “Fluent in…” note on your CV. But even if for some unexplainable reason your job is not connected to language, translation can be a good source of additional income and provide you with pocket money.
        3. Breaking the cultural boundaries.
Fluency in any language opens a whole new world to you. There is no better way to learn a culture than by learning it’s language. Not everything can be translated and not every translation can carry out the right meaning.
When you learn a new language, you don’t just remember words and a few rules. The scientists say that every language affects our way of thinking differently. So, multilingualism can help us understand different mentalities better. As a result, people become open-minded.
In my opinion, this could be one of the best remedies for social intolerance. Everyone will realize that different doesn’t mean better or worse. It is just DIFFERENT! And so, diversity will be accepted around the world.

Do you realize what an important part language plays in our lives? Think about it. We are the only known species, who can express our thoughts by speaking, miming or writhing. We can learn about others by listening and reading. We can create whole new worlds just by using certain sets of letters. This ability of ours is way too precious to be wasted. You don’t have to have an exceptional talent to be fluent in a couple of languages. All or requires is time, persistence and dedication. As with anything that’s worth having, really.

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