I’ll never forget that day when my dad took me for a walk. He brought me to a nice small building. It was in the summer and a nice lady there asked me to sing and perform something on the piano. I was six. And I didn’t know until I left that stuffy room, that I had just passed the entrance exam to the musical school. I never showed any talent for music whatsoever, but my father wanted me to study it.

And so my journey of long and mundane lessons began. There were tears, screams, resentments and many threats to run away. Thank God my teacher was an angel, otherwise the process would have turned into an unbearable cross. But the fact remained still – music wasn’t my destiny. 

I was a fool, I grew up and six months after graduation I started to miss piano. So, for the first time in my life I started to play just because I wanted to. At first, it was 15 minutes, then half an hour and after some time I my fingers were glued to the keys. I assure you, it is the most amazing feeling!

Don’t form the idea that I’m an expert musician. I don’t even enjoy listening to my recordings. But the process of being able recreate in my own way the feeling of another person is quite gripping. And it can benefit us as well. In the end it’s not just a nice hobby or a charming way to show off.

Music is a mysterious thing. It is present everywhere – just pay attention. And yet,we rarely appreciate it’s full power. At certain situations music can make us cry, laugh, remember good old times, move to do great things. Sometimes it can even drive us mad. But it doesn’t only affect our emotional side. Music is a powerful tool for disciplining ourselves, being productive, relaxing, socializing and being patient. Playing musical instruments makes you SMARTER! Your memory will increase by remembering all those notes. It will affect your coordination and counting skills. Shortly speaking, you’ll become a better person.
Music is a universal language that everyone can understand. And it’s really useful not only to listen to it but also to play or even produce it. Who knows, maybe you can make a great career of it?

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