The longest hours are spent in airports. I’ve been reading a book, listening to music, walking in duty-free shops, having a meal. But somehow there’s still 80 minutes till my flight. I couldn’t force myself to write an article for the blog for an entire month. And yet, here I am, doing it after an hour of idleness. Traveling really does clear your mind and makes you focus on the right stuff.Infinite amounts of documents, endless hours on the road, rush, inconvenient airports – I like it all. Probably because in brings a bit of energy and liveliness to my monotonous life. I haven’t been anywhere for quite a long time and not long ago I decided to make a birthday treat for myself. And my destination was Italy.
Since my budget was quite limited, I ended up visiting only 3 places: Rimini, Rome, and the Republic of San Marino. By the way, because San Marino and Vatican are independent states, I technically have visited three countries. Obviously, I fell in love ūüėȬ†And here is why:

The streets of Rome

1. Heritage.
When it comes to rich history, a few nations in the world can beat Italy. From Roman Empire to Fascist regime, from great politicians to genius artists, from the greatest cathedrals to ancient huts. If you have enough time you can learn  an awful lot about our great and troubled ancestors. Seeing legendary places like Pantheon or Colloseum gave me chills.


The best tiramisu ever!

2. Food
Do I even have to comment it? Italy is a gastronomical heaven!
Pizza, pasta, piadina, risotto, ravioli, focaccia, yummy deserts, nice wines…The list goes on and on. Anyone can be satisfied. Everything is extremely delicious and the portions are really HUGE! You’ll find it a bit difficult to walk after a proper Italian dinner. Of course, the price tag can be a little high but it’s worth every cent.
3. People
This factor too plays a massive role when deciding to pick a country for adventures. And Italy can be easily put among the most hospitable countries. Italians are very open and friendly. Many people on the streets will greet¬†you for no reason at all. They’re very relaxed and passionate at the same time. I’m a cretin when it comes to reading maps, so I often needed to¬†ask someone for help. Nobody refused to give directions and didn’t leave until they were sure I understood which way to go.
4. Shopping
Have you ever met a girl who doesn’t want a bag from an Italian fashion house? No? That’s because they do not exist. When it come to buying things, Italy is on top again. It houses the world’s most popular fashion brands. There are thousands of outlets, where anyone can find a high quality product for a reasonable price.
5. Language
This is quite obvious, actually.If you are studying Italian, what is the place to practice it?
If you’re not learning any foreign languages, here’s why you should
6. Beaches
Making good bargains and learning new things about our great ancestors is awesome. But what if you want to relax after a long day? The Italian Riviera is a perfect place for that. Even if the water is too cold for swimming, one can still enjoy a walk by the seaside.
7. Cars

Look at this cutiepie!

I know this may not sound appealing to all of you, but I’m a huge motor sport fan it is a big deal to me. Lamborghini, Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Fiat, Lancia… You name it! Those names are legendary and by visiting Italy, you’ve got an incredible opportunity to visit brands’ museums and even get behind the wheel of a sick supercar.

Overall it is an unforgettable place and no words can describe the beauty and greatness of it. Seeing all those breathtaking sights with your own eyes is a completely different experience.
Traveling is something you get addicted to. Coming back home after any trip changes your views on a number of things. Any kind of journeys clean up our minds from needless worries and focus our thoughts on top-priorities. So, use every chance to widen your horizons and if you have the slightest opportunity, visit this extraordinary shoe-shaped country!

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