Earlier this month I read story about a Russian blogger, who was found guilty for inciting religious hatred and received a suspended sentence of 3,5 years. Do you know what he did? He posted a video of himself playing Pokemon Go in a cathedral. Impolite? Maybe. But certainly not a reason for being convicted. And the most dramatic thing was that suspended sentence was a relief for the poor guy. Initially, the prosecutors wanted to send him to prison. FOR PLAYING POKEMON GO, CARL!

No wonder that politicians are able to steal billions from the Russians, given that the authorities are too busy catching gamers.

The other thing they didn’t like about the boy was his assumption that Jesus or Mohammed didn’t exist. Really? That could get you into jail? For god’s sake, there are people, who don’t believe that dinosaurs existed, why is no one arresting them? It is even more offensive, because those people are refusing true scientific facts!

Anyway, this story is just another example of our world going backwards. Yeah, yeah, we all know of Trump, refugee crisis, the Kardashians, terrorist attacks and etc. But there are thousands of little things happening everyday that add up to the global degradation.

Take a story of Qandeel Baloch for example. If you’ve got a good memory, you’ll probably remember that this name appeared a lot in the news last year. She was a Pakistani social media celebrity and was brutally killed by her brother for “bringing disrepute to her family’s honor”. (Because strangling your own sibling will recover it apparently). Instagram profiles full of duck faces and sexy selfies can be annoying, but, certainly, no one should find honor in killing someone who posts them. The fact that the girl stood up for her thing, despite various threats and abuses is admirable. It requires a lot of bravery to go against traditional norms of society.

Already feeling sick? Wait, I’m not done yet. Recently, I’ve seen a documentary about the stigma of disability in Ghana. It was called ‘The World’s Worst Place To Be Disabled?”. (Here the link) It left me shocked, frankly speaking. Afterwards I did a bit of a research and was just appalled. Disabled people are treated no better than criminals there. They believed to be possessed by evil spirits, so the treatment is focused on getting them out of their bodies. That means that thousands of heavily sick people, be it mental or physical disability, will be chained, beaten or starved in order to get the devil out. The practice of killing babies with disabilies (so-called “spirit children”) was very popular among Ghanians as well. It became illegal only in 2013. I don’t even know how to comment this…

This is all very sad to witness. And sometimes we might feel helpless seeing all this madness. But the worst thing would be to stand still and watch. The very least we can do is to think. (Just posting touching quotes on social media won’t help that much). Don’t just consume the information given to you. Digest it, question it, criticize or support it. Just because we hear about these things everyday, does not mean it should become a norm.

I know, reading this you will be asking: “What should we do then, genius?” Honestly, I don’t know. But there must be some something. The worst destruction force is inaction. Add a touch of ignorance and the world will get much closer to self-destruction.

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