I hate my job.

I’m not a statistician, but I’m sure more than half you can relate. Unfortunately we live in a society where many people are trapped in a mundane job, just because something they’re good at is not deemed as worthy enough. But that is a topic for a very long post and I won’t be talking about that here. Instead, I’m going to share some tips on how to survive on a job you hate.

Our jobs are a huge part of our lives. Doing something for a living that you despise is the equivalent of marrying the wrong person. Burnouts are quite common nowadays. And they’re just devastating. Trust me, I speak from experience.

1. Clean your mind

The first thing I’m going to suggest is really obvious. But, nevertheless, it’s worth paying attention to. Don’t put  negative thoughts in your head while you’re working. Ideally, you shouldn’t put them there anytime. But let’s keep a realistic approach. Anyway, being grim at the workplace will only make matters worse. As difficult as it is, try to focus on positive things instead. For example, don’t think “Another day at this miserable place”, but say “I’m going to be home in a few hours”. Or imagine your idiot boss wearing a ridiculous purple wig. Our thoughts can directly affect our lives and pitying ourselves won’t get us in a better place. Actions will.
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2. Find some pros in your job

Yeah, I know, I know. You work at the worst place in the galaxy. But there must be at least one tiny aspect of your profession that can entertain you a little. I’m a pharmacist and what I hate most about the job is having to deal with people. Why? Because 87% of my clients are imbeciles who think that I’m their slave. There is nothing worse than an idiot, who thinks he’s smart. On the bright side, however, I do quite like working with medicines. Self-development must never stop and I try to learn as much about pharmacology as I can. Again, focus on the right things. 

3. Human contact

For some of us, those working hours can be like a torture because of the people we work with. And that’s bad. Colleagues are an essential part of our careers and they can greatly influence our productivity. If you’re not very fond of your job, they can be a good distraction. Try to find someone from your workplace, who shares your interests and try to build a good working relationship. It will only improve the situation.

Hatred is a very strong emotion and it requires a lot of energy from you. What I’m asking you now is to convert that emotion into action. Let’s be honest, moaning all the time about how unlucky isn’t gonna get you anywhere. And, besides, there is always someone who is in much worse situation that you. While you’re locked in an office unable to unleash your true potential, there is an 11-year-old working in a cold factory for 8$ a week. Success isn’t just hanging there, waiting to accidentally fall on you. If you know that you’re capable of greater things, do them! Don’t postpone anything, don’t get stuck on that job, make smart decisions and do every single thing possible to be happy.

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